Customer support

Bithomp is an explorer of the public XRP Ledger.

We can not freeze accounts, make refunds, cancel transactions or change/add destination tags. We do not do investigations and we can not help you to recover your lost or stolen funds.

  1. If you funds were stolen or if you became a victim of fraud/scam you can report it here.
  2. If your transaction has a status "failed" but your funds were taken from your balance then contact the service / wallet / exchange which you used to make this transaction.
  3. If your transaction has a status "success" but it wasn't received then contact the recipient's wallet / service / exchange support.
  4. If you sent a transaction without a destination tag or with a wrong destination tag then read (2) and (3) above.
  5. If you're missing in your wallet, please read about the base reserve.
  6. If you want to send XRP from a paper wallet, you need to import it to a software wallet first, you can use Xaman mobile app for that (import secret as a "family seed").
  7. If you have a partnership or marketing proposals then you can contact us by email: moc.pmohtib@rentrap. You can also contact us with questions about the bithomp username registration or bithomp transaction explorer.

Due to our limited time we do not answer to emails related to 1-6.

Submit information about your service

If you have a public service and you want your addresses to be recognised on Bithomp submit your information here.

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